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  KC2MTT   Michael Agostinello   Technician
  KC2ZDM   Paul Campanella   General
  W2KWP   Joseph Cuff   General
  K2KHH   Fred Fanizzo   General
  KD2IN   Murray Goldberg   Extra
  K2JWH   John Hann   Extra
  N2RKV   Ira Dechowitz   Extra
  W2PTZ   Carlton Lee   Advanced
  WA2IQE   Carl LeFevre   General
  K2AOW   John Dougherty   General
  N2QXB   Paul Hansen   General
  KC2QLA   Joseph Militano   General
  KD2GSO   Tony Kuzinski    General
  WA2DJN   David Ottenberg   Extra
  KC2GKN   Ray Lauterbach   General
  W1EAP   Ed Picciuti   Extra
  K2QDY   Larry Puccio   Extra
  W2QO   Jamie Punderson   Extra
  WA2VLR   Larry Loscalzo   Extra
  KC2TZC   Doug Poray    Extra
  KQ4WR   John Roberts   Extra
  KD2HWR   John Rogers   Technician
  W2PXE   Norman Smith   Advanced
  KB2PD   Stan Stafiej   Extra
  Call?   Ed Baronowski   Lic. Class?
  Call?   Charlie Lamb   Lic. Class?
  WA2VQV   Russell Young   Extra

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